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Advik MBOX to Gmail Import

Developer’s Description

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Advik MBOX to Gmail Import

Advik MBOX to Gmail tool is an advanced utility to transfer emails of MBOX to Gmail account directly. Using this tool, you can easily import MBOX to Gmail account in just few clicks. After the completion of export process, you can easily view your emails in your Gmail account.

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The tool is loaded with many features some of them are as follows: Simple User Interface; Maintain Meta Properties; Retain Key Elements; Preserve Folder structure; Includes Attachments; Support Batch export MBOX to Gmail; Dedicated Customer Support; 3 Step process to import MBOX to G Suite account.

Advik MBOX to Gmail Import

Quick solution to open MBOX file in Gmail without Thunderbird or any other supportive client.

  • Simple and self-explanatory graphical user interface for all type of users
  • Transfer or Import MBOX to Gmail in bulk without losing attachment files
  • Maintain mailbox folder hierarchy and email attributes
  • Convert MBOX file into Outlook PST, PDF, Yahoo, Office 365 and 20+ Formats
  • Advance Email Filter Option to transfer only select emails to Google Mail
  • Support MBOX file of Google Takeout, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera Mail, etc.
  • Bonus: Move MBOX to G Suite (Google Workspace Business Account)
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When and How to upload .mbox to Google Mail?

There are various reasons and situation that arises where a user requires an MBOX migrator for email transfer. MBOX file format is commonly used to store messages from various email clients. It can be Mozilla Thunderbird (the popular one), The Bat!, Eudora, Gmail, etc. If you had saved or exported a mailbox from a particular email client and want to transfer MBOX to Gmail then you might need some help. As Google Mail doesn’t offer an option to restore or import MBOX file to Gmail. Any solution?

Advik MBOX to Gmail Wizard – Trustable Choice

Advik MBOX to Gmail Converter is the savior for this task. This specialized software is used to import .mbox to Google Workspace. You can bulk transfer MBOX files to Gmail without fearing data loss. The software is programmed to preserve every single bit of information with metadata. Apart from that the software offers dozens of advanced features and saving options. Download the free trial and give it a try.

Import MBOX to Gmail in Bulk

How to import mbox to Gmail in bulk? You need not worry about that from now onwards. Advik MBOX Converter is a powerful wizard that offers batch file transfer to Google Mail. Using this solution, you can upload multiple .mbox files into Gmail in one single attempt. You need not undergo the same process over and over again with a single file. Simply just add all your mailbox files into the program and transfer without facing any glitch.

20+ File Conversion and Migration Options

Apart from Gmail, you will get a few additional file formats in which you can export MBOX emails. Take the help from this wizard and convert MBOX file to PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, HTML, TXT, RTF, XPS, Maildir, OLM, Word Document, EMLX, PDF, TGZ, and several other useful file formats. Hence, making it an all-in-one MBOX to Gmail Migrator toolkit.

Advance Email Filter Option

Skip unwanted emails from copying from MBOX file to Gmail using this feature. The software come up with a “Filter Option” that will help you to transfer specific emails from .mbox file. You have to apply filters like Date Range, Subject Name, Sender, and Receiver Details. This option will furnish your email migration and will export only desired emails only.

Import MBOX to G Suite (Google Workspace)

Now it’s possible to import MBOX to Google Workspace or G Suite using the same utility. You don’t have to look or search for an additional tool to migrate emails from .mbox file to G Suite. This all-in-one toolkit is smart enough to upload .mbox file to G Suite/Gmail/Google Workspace from the single wizard.

Additional Key Features

Thunderbird to Gmail Transfer

MBOX to Gmail Import Tool users can easily transfer emails from the Thunderbird client’s MBOX file directly to the Gmail account. This software is developed with a powerful conversion engine that supports Mbox files created by almost all versions of the Thunderbird application. All you have to do is export MBOX file from Thunderbird and then use this tool to import Thunderbird emails to Gmail account.

Migrate MBOX into Office 365

Advik MBOX to Gmail Converter is a comprehensive tool that is designed for everyone who are using email services. Even if you are user of Microsoft Office 365 Suite, you can take the help from this utility to import MBOX to Office 365 account. This versatile solution is capable enough to export MBOX emails to Office 365 Online account. You can transfer multiple .mbox data to O365 webmail.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy and Metadata

The software facilitates migrating MBOX to Gmail account without losing any single bit of information. During the transfer process, the software has the ability to maintain mailbox folder hierarchy and metadata. Thus, no data modification or omission will take place.

Restore Google Takeout MBOX File

We know that Gmail Email Backup can be downloaded for free using Google Takeout Services. But Google doesn’t allow users to restore downloaded emails back into your account. To do this, you can use the MBOX to Gmail Import Tool to restore Google Takeout MBOX files back to the desired Google account.

Transfer .mbox file to Cloud Servers

This advanced utility can be your companion not only in uploading MBOX files to Gmail. The list of supported email services that you can use to transfer MBOX data is endless.You can import mbox to Yahoo Mail, Rediffmail, Zoho Mail, AOL Mail, Amazon WorkMail, GoDaddy Mail are few of them. You can use this to upload MBOX to any cloud server that uses the IMAP protocol.

Supported MBOX file

MBOX file is one of the most common file formats that is being used by most of the Email Clients and Email services for storing Email Data. Some of them are Gmail, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora Mail, etc. With this Software you don’t have to worry about the type of MBOX file. This tool supports all of the MBOX file created by any email client.

Upload MBOX file to iCloud

If you want to import MBOX file to iCloud then this tool will be your best bet. Using this Software, you can easily Upload MBOX file to iCloud account in just few steps. All you need is to import MBOX file in software and enter your iCloud login credentials to Upload them with ease.

24/7 Dedicated Technical Support

Finding any difficulties to import MBOX to Gmail? Contact our customer care support via Live Chat or Email. We are available 24/7/365 to assist our valuable clients. Our technical experts are always on standby to resolve all types of queries related to installation, performance, billing, etc. Our main objective is to provide a service that satisfied our Clients.

More about Advik MBOX to Gmail Import

You can have the 2.0 version of Advik MBOX to Gmail Import 5.61 MB from this source. Advik Software lets you try this program first and then decide whether you want to pay for it. It is in the Communication category, E-mail Clients. The most popular installation file name for the software is MBOXGmailImport.exe. The direct download link of the program is safe to use.

While Google does not provide native, seamless backups within the Gmail service itself, there is a mechanism that can be used to export an offline copy of your Gmail data to a local file. Gmail allows exporting all Google data via the Download your data function found in the Google account settings. In the context of Gmail, the “Download your data” function downloads the file in the MBOX format. There is no direct way through the Google account settings to import MBOX to Gmail, however, there is a way around it.

Of course, you can choose the right way and back up Gmail data and get not only able to import your MBOX file, but get the backup of all your Google account data.  However, using readily available third-party tools for free, but you can also import MBOX to Gmail and have access to the emails contained in the MBOX backup. Let’s take a look at how to import MBOX to Gmail and see what steps are involved to first export Gmail email data, and then import MBOX back to Gmail.

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