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Aiseesoft iPhone Photo Transfer

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Aiseesoft iPhone Photo Transfer

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By Aiseesoft Studio

Aiseesoft iPhone Photo Transfer is the best iPhone Photo Manager, which helps users export iPhone camera roll and photos to computer or iTunes, and import local photos to iPhone without any loss. Also it enables users to transfer photos between different iOS devices(iPod, iPad and iPhone). This iPhone Photo Transfer can help iPhone users import favorite photos from PC to iPhone directly. It also allows iPhone users to export the selected iPhone photos and camera roll to computer or iTunes without losing anything.

With this software, users can transfer photos and camera roll between different iOS devices(iPhone, iPod and iPad). And it highly compatible with all iPhone/iPod/iPad modes: iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s/5c, iPod 4G, iPod classic, iPod mini, iPod nano 7, iPod shuffle 3, iPod touch, iPod touch 5, iPod Video and iPad, iPad 2, The New iPad, iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini 2. Aiseesoft iPhone Photo Transfer owns a pleasant and easy-to-use interface, you can learn how to use it by yourself without any trouble and confusion.

How to Use iPhone Transfer

Would like to enjoy melodious ringtone every time when your iPhone rings? Do you want to convert some HD video shoot with your camcorder to your iOS devices for enjoyment anytime, anywhere? What if quick share requirement between you and your friends/family? iPhone Transfer Platinum should be your best assistant. It can help you make personalized iPhone ringtone, convert incompatible video to your devices and transfer iOS files between any two iOS devices and between iOS devices and computer. The following is three simple tutorials for you to know how to transfer files: from iPhone to computer, from computer to iPhone and from iPad to iPhone.

Instantly Backup Your Memories with This Device

How I Saved my Mobile Photos With A Simple Click

Sunday, February 6 2022


Pictures are captured memories. And they are the most valuable element of your mobile device. So, what would you do if they disappeared?

Recently I was driving home from work and realized I hadn’t seen my phone in a while. I heaved my car to the curb. I unbuckled and immediately began sifting through my stuff. I tossed aside my purse, chucked my glasses over the seat, and tore through the glovebox napkins.

Frantic, I pored over the entire car. Sweat prickled my temples. My hands shook. How could I lose my phone?

I jumped into the driver’s seat and raced back to work. I barged through the front door and surveyed the space. Studying my clean, organized desk, my phone was nowhere to be found.

I asked some late-to-leave coworkers, but everyone shook their heads.

Tears trickled over my cheeks. I didn’t care about the phone. I cared about the photos.

I didn’t want to lose all those memories. My daughter’s graduation. My son’s soccer tournament. My husband’s promotion. Not to mention the countless dog photos. Teddy is part of the family, after all!

I was devastated.

With wet cheeks and puffy eyes, I dragged myself back to the car. I felt defeated. As I plopped into my seat, something solid pushed against my bottom. I dove up, turned, and discovered my missing phone. The tears returned in full force.

Immediately I shuffled through my photo albums. After a few minutes, I still couldn’t find any of the images I thought I lost forever. Sitting there in my car, surrounded by an empty parking lot, I spent almost an hour trying to locate these memories. But I couldn’t.

Simply, I was rattled. Where were they?

When I got home, I searched my computers, but the pictures weren’t there either.

Frustrated, I called a friend to vent. Anger seeped out of me. She gave me a few minutes before interrupting.

“Have you tried the PhotoStick Mobile?” she asked.

“What does that have to do with my pictures?” I replied.

My friend explained that she used a small USB device called the PhotoStick Mobile. It found and organized all the images on her phone. While she thought she didn’t have an issue locating photos, the device actually found images she didn’t even remember taking!

How can I make my iPhone photos transfer faster?
You can use any of the methods below to send photos to a friend’s iPhone quickly and easily, without overwriting the photos already on their device.
  1. Transfer Photos Using AirDrop. …
  2. Share an iCloud Link to Your Photos. …
  3. Upload Your Photos to a Cloud Storage Service. …
  4. Create an iCloud Shared Album.”How do I transfer photos from computer to iPhone 6?” there are lots of people asking such kind of question on the internet. And you may occur the same issue and try to find the easy way to import photos to your iPhone X/8//7/6/5 or iPad from your Windows10/8/7 or Mac OS X. Here you can find many ways to copy your photos from your computer to iOS devices, just check now!Most people may first mention iTunes for syncing pictures from computer to iPhone, however, they may need to think again as iTunes need to remove your iPhone data first in order to sync with its library. So you may like to use other way to copy photos to your iPhone without losing data. Here you can check the following methods to transfer photos to iPhone without iTunes.

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