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Amazing iPhone Contacts + SMS Backup

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Amazing iPhone Contacts + SMS Backup

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By Amazing-Share Studio
Amazing iPhone Contacts + SMS Backup is All-in-one tool to backup iPhone contacts and SMS (MMS) to computer from loss. It is a handy iPhone Contacts Backup to help manage your contacts. You can directly edit the contact information and delete the one you needn’t to backup. Also the contact information can be saved in your specified output folder. As the iPhone SMS(MMS) manager, it will assist you transfer the specific SMS (MMS), all messages of a specific contact, or all SMS (MMS) on iPhone to computer as .txt files.

For any user SMS backup and then the data restoration is of vital importance. The best SMS backup and restore app for iPhone is the one that is easy to operate. Such apps are useful as they ensure complete support to the user in case the phone crashes for any reason.

SMS can be considered as data that user wants to preserve for several reasons. Whatever the reason is it is important that iPhone SMS backup and restore app used fulfills the purpose completely. In this article we introduce the top 10 SMS backup and restore apps/software for iPhone. Now let’s check!

Save iPhone Messages

Easily export your iPhone text messages and attachments to your computer. Or simply transfer them to a new phone. Save or print your conversations, and prove your point in court.

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Export More than Messages

Access your iPhone messages from your PC or Mac. With iMazing, all SMS, MMS and iMessage chats can be browsed and saved, including:

  • Message status: sent, delivered or read
  • Subject line of messages
  • All attachments: photos, videos, audio, contacts, location, links…

Text messages on iPhones need to be exported and printed out as proofs sometimes. Or when we’re to resell our iPhones, we ought to get essential SMS from phones to computers as a secure backup. When it comes to iPhone message migration, one of the iPhone SMS transfer software, iTunes, may thus come into our mind. But honestly, iTunes is not in a position to offer us a smooth experience frequently.

To this end, many people prefer to choose a better iPhone SMS transfer utility. But how can we do that? Well, this page will talk about 7 best iPhone SMS transfer programs in detail.

Manage iPhone contacts

Edit, group and delete your iPhone contacts directly from your computer. Transfer contacts to and from iPhone, Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, Excel, Windows, Android, BlackBerry, Thunderbird, Hotmail, and Yahoo! or keep full backups of your iPhone address book on your PC.

Back up and print iPhone messages

Back up your SMS, iMessages, WhatsApp, Viber, and Line conversations to your computer in just a few clicks. CopyTrans Contacts also saves all attachments like photos, videos, GIFs, voice messages and more.

You can export the messages in different formats like PDF, Word, Excel, Plain Text, CSV or HTML. You can easily read, print, and share those conversations.

Super Backup: SMS and Contacts is a tool that lets you make backup copies of virtually every element of your Android device, so you will never again lose a single piece of data from your mobile phone.

As the name suggests, Super Backup: SMS and Contacts allows you to backup your contacts and text messages, but it also does much more. You can also backup your call history or even your calendar with all the dates marked on it.

Besides this, you can make backups of all your applications, and save the APK file to your Android memory or to an SD card.

A very interesting feature of Super Backup: SMS and Contacts is that which allows you to schedule your backups, so that you will always have your important files backed up, without having to think about it.

Super Backup: SMS and Contacts is a tool to make ‘backups’, which let you keep all your important files and data safe in case of system failure.

Backuptrans iPhone SMS/MMS/iMessage Transfer is the best iPhone messages manage program which lets iPhone users to backup and restore iPhone messages(SMS & MMS & iMessage) easily on computer. Transferring SMS, MMS, iMessage from one iPhone to another is also supported. All the text messages and the attachments will be merged perfectly. No other iPhone utility softtware does more.

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