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Assured Home Inventory

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Assured Home Inventory

Developer’s Description

Assured Home Inventory is designed to help you inventory your home in case of disaster. Moving? Use it to help you in the transition between homes. Use it to inventory your small business also. It never hurts to be prepared.

The version is 1.2, Assured Home Inventory is a program designed to help you inventory your home in case of disaster. It help you keep an invetory of all your home items. One of the first things you should do is add a new location. A location could be anywhere you have assets. For example: Kitchen, Bedroom, Garage, Closet, etc. New…

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Assured Home Inventory is a program designed to help you inventory your home in case of disaster. It help you keep an invetory of all your home items.

One of the first things you should do is add a new location. A location could be anywhere you have assets. For example: Kitchen, Bedroom, Garage, Closet, etc.

New Location
To add a new location, click on the “My Inventory” tab. On the left, you will see two items labeled “Locations” and “Trash”. If you right click on “Locations”, a menu will pop up with several items to choose from. Choose “New Location”. A window will open letting you choose an icon and a name for your new location. Once you have chosen your icon and typed a name click ok. You should now see your new location under the “Locations” item in the left portion of the window.

New Asset
Now you are ready to add a new asset. Click the “New Asset” button in the tool bar across the top. You can also right click on a location and then click “New Asset”. Here another window will open letting you input information about your new asset. Fill in your desired information and make sure you choose a location to add your asset to. Just click on the location name to select it. When you are finished, click ok or save. Clicking save, saves the asset and keeps the window open. Clicking ok saves and then closes the window. When the window closes you should see your asset in the “Grid View”, the center area of the window.

Edit Asset
If you would like to edit your asset, just double click on it in the “Grid View” or select the item and then click the Edit Asset button in the tool bar. A window will open displaying all the information you entered about that asset. Here you can change, add, or remove information, images, or attachments.

* NET Framework
* Without the Keys, you will only be able to have 5 items in inventory.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

Just download the iPad app and start listing contents.

Use as many iPads as you need. No WiFi or Log in is required to list and take photos with the iPad app.

A free set of reports (inventory lists with photos, total loss/non-salvageable lists) for one trial job will be emailed to you in PDF and Excel formats.

Why Keep a Home Inventory?

Severe weather is on the rise across the country, making it more critical than ever to ensure that your property and contents are properly insured. With flooding and sewer backup occurring more frequently, it’s crucial to be prepared for the unexpected. If your home is damaged or destroyed, it’s important that it has been insured for its accurate replacement value.

A thorough inventory of your home’s contents and the associated value of the contents will help you and your insurance representative confirm adequate coverage. If you need to make a claim, your home inventory will help you receive proper compensation.

You can quickly download Home Inventory for Insurance iPhone / iPad app here by clicking the below download button. You will be taken to the official app download page of itunes store or App Store where you can download the app.


Assured Home Inventory is designed to help you inventory your home in the event of a disaster. You move? Use it to help you transition between houses. Use it for your small business inventory as well. It never hurts to be prepared

What’s new in this version:..

Version 1.2 fixes broadcast with blurry location icons, and 64-bit installations


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0



Home Inventory for Insurance Description

Home Inventory is the ideal tool to save and categorize your home items. Data can be entered by typing or with voice and Images can be taken with the camera or selected from your device. Your home contents can be data logged in a very efficient manner.

There are many ways to sort, search and filter your home Items to find an item or group of items and view in a manner that suits your style.

Item data fields available:
– Description
– Location
– Category
– Value
– Quantity
– Notes
– Date Purchased
– 3 Photos or images may also be included with each item.

Location and category select lists are fully configurable.

iCloud use : If your phone is replaced, all of your data is automatically recovered from the iCloud.

This is optimized for all of your iOS devices.

Privacy Policy: All data is kept completely private on your iCloud account.

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