• Auto StandBy Pro is a practical and effective piece of software aimed to provide you with the means of customizing the power options of your PC, enabling you to decide precisely when it should shutdown, restart or logoff.

    The program goes through a quick setup process, with no particularly noteworthy events, after which you can get started with it immediately, its intuitive usage making it fairly handy, even for the less experienced.

    The main window of Auto StandBy Pro displays existing rules, along with the amount of time remaining before a certain task is set to execute. It thus allows you manage them, by creating, disabling or editing them from the ‘Rules Table’ section.

    The application enables you to create and work with as many rules as you need, providing you with a large selection of triggers relating to the ‘User’ or ‘Computer’; they can evidently be ‘Time-Based’ or you can work with more ‘Advanced’ options.

    The ‘User’ triggers allow you to specify the period of inactivity, after which your PC should log off, shutdown or restart. Similarly, you can rely on the lack of mouse movements, keystrokes or processes.

    When resorting to the ‘Computer’-related triggers, you can set a percentage of CPU usage that will cause the system to power off. This can also apply to the computer display inactivity, a specific process or Windows service not running, or you can tie it to a network connection.

    Evidently, Auto StandBy Pro also lets you create ‘Time-Based’ rules, using a preferred date and time as a trigger or a predefined duration. The ‘Advanced’ configuration options let you specify a URL to cause the shutdown or restart.

    To conclude, Auto StandBy Pro is a powerful and reliable utility that can successfully assist you in determining when and how your computer should restart, shutdown, log off, sleep or hibernate.