Monday Feb 06, 2023

eBLVD FREE Online Meetings & Web Conferencing

eBLVD FREE Online Meetings & Web Conferencing

What are the 3 types of software?

--Computers are managed by software. Software may be divided into three categories: system, utility, and application.

What is the difference between download and install?

--The act of "downloading" a file is distinct from "installing" it. Instructions to utilize the downloaded data to modify your computer are "installing" the file. The file does not alter or be updated if installation is not performed.

What is software used for?

--Software is a collection of instructions, data, or computer programs used to run machines and carry out certain activities. It is the antithesis of hardware which refers to a computer external components. A device running programs, scripts, and applications are collectively referred to as "software" in this context.
eBLVD FREE Online Meetings & Web Conferencing
Easy web conferencing and online meeting tool allows you to share your desktop or applications with anyone, anywhere. The eBLVD Online Meeting service is a web-based, desktop sharing and web conferencing service designed to provide fast, easy and secure online demos, web meetings, screen sharing, remote sales presentations, and webinars. eBLVD allows you to host unlimited online meetings, so you can do more and travel less. Using the web conferencing tool, you can share any application on your computer in real time.


Version 7.6 has added New Universal Viewer, one-click meeting access, and features to customize your logo and colors to compliment your Web site, automatic screen resizing, and survey participants for feedback after the meeting.

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