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EML To PST Converter Software

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EML To PST Converter Software
This software offers a solution to users who want to convert several EMLs to PSTs. The user can specify a list of files or an entire folder to be processed. There are features to convert all EML files into one large PST or convert each EML file into a single PST. With this time-saving software, you can batch convert your email or Outlook files instantly.

Today we are going to tell you about the mechanism of converting EML file to PST file format. Get the direct email migration tool list of the Top 7 Best EML to PST Converter Tool of 2021 here.

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Sometimes, the user encounters a number of issues in accessing EML data offline. Therefore, to manage these situations, we are providing the best software’s in the market as per our experience.

Reasons to Convert EML data into PST

  • EML is a simple file format that is unable to secure data compared to PST.
  • EML files get corrupted or damaged.
  • Outlook is the most secure email application.
  • Outlook security features attract users to choose it.

EML to PST Converter was designed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind. Although the idea of transferring your complete email archive from one application to another may seem to be extremely complex, risky and time-consuming (simply put, a nightmare!) this software minimizes your involvement and makes the whole process as hassle-free and smooth as possible. Unlike many eml2pst competitors, this program fully supports attachments, files over 2 and even 4 gigs in size, correctly recognizes encodings and supports a record number of email formats, so no matter whether you are a PC user, a big fan of Macs or an open-minded resident of both of these worlds, this great tool will come in handy whenever you need to haul your mail from one format to another!

Hassle-Free and Easy to Use EML to PST Conversion

With EML to PST tool, conversion of your EML files to PST format is a easy 3-step process:

  1. Run email conversion utility.
  2. Specify the location of your EML files, location and file name of target PST file.
  3. Configure the program options if needed.
  4. Press Start button.

EML to PST Converter features

EML to PST Converter is an ultimate email conversion and migration tool. However, its functionality extends far beyond working with the formats that gave it its name. The program can convert EML files into the MSG format and vice versa (in case you only need to convert specific emails instead of the whole archive), convert EML and MSG files into other popular formats, such as RTF, RTF, TXT, TNEF and HTML, convert .MBOX files into .EML and then to .PST and a whole lot more! Just take a look at the list of tasks this great software will help you with:

  • Blazing-fast eml2pst conversion
  • Import email files into Microsoft Office Outlook (import EML to PST)
  • Import and convert file system directories to Outlook Folders
  • Import eml files into Outlook, import msg files into Outlook (Outlook import eml)
  • Convert eml to Outlook .pst personal storage files (even password protected!)
  • A possibility to import archived email messages saved in other programs (Outlook import eml)
  • Convert eml to pstconvert eml to msg, convert msg to pst
  • Special import options:
    recreation of the subfolders structure or import of all messages into a single folder
  • A possibility to create a new timestamped sub-folder for each import session
  • A possibility to preserve the folder structure while importing files into MS Outlook
  • A possibility to import eml files into:
    the default Outlook PST profile, orphaned PST file or newly created PST file
  • A possibility to import msg files as messages in the RFC 822 format
  • Import filters: select files of a specific size, exclude or include files with attachments, etc.
  • Advanced message pre-processing options for emails saved on Unix and MacOS systems.
  • The installation package includes a free mbox to eml converter
    (Thunderbird to emlconvert mbox to pstimport mbox into Outlook)
  • Support of the Mac OS X .EMLX format
  • Support of Unicode PST files, the program can create .pst files over 4 GB in size
  • An integrated EML to MSG converter
  • NEW FEATURE! Batch Mode for Importing .eml, .emlx and .msg files
  • User-friendly and highly intuitive wizard-based interface

What else EML to PST Converter offers:

EML to PST Converter solves several crucial problems of any person switching to Outlook from another application or even another platform. It will help you arrange the migration of your emails from Outlook Express, Vista Mail, Thunderbird, The Bat, Eudora, IncrediMail, Entourage and others. It will be just what you need to import EML to Outlook and assemble a new PST file after its predecessor was damaged and processed by a data recovery tool that generated hundreds of EML files clogging your hard drive. It will also appear invaluable to Windows 7 newcomers who have just recently found out that the newest OS does not come with Windows Mail they used in Vista, thus making it impossible to start working with their emails right after the upgrade (they will have to find a way to import EML to PST).

The interface of EML to PST Converter is based on a step-by-step wizard that allows you to perform the necessary actions in a predefined order. This approach guarantees that virtually nothing can go wrong due to an incorrectly selected option or another haphazard action. Another great thing about EML to PST Converter is that you don’t need to be a programmer or a data recovery expert to get from point A to point B in the email universe.

To convert a single file (convert EML to PST, convert EML to MSG), or transfer a huge email archive, follow a series of single steps:

  • Start the program
  • Select the output PST file (choose between the default Outlook storage, an orphaned PST file or a completely new PST file)
  • Select the source folder on your hard drive (it can be the root folder of the whole sub-folders structure)
  • Configure additional conversion parameters and options
  • Select the files to be converted and specify the destination folder in the selected Outlook data file
  • Convert the files (import EML to PST, import EML to Outlook or convert one email format to another)

EML to PST Converter Software

(Average Rating 4.4 Based on 158 Ratings) 

DataHelp Converter for EML to PST is Experts verified and recommended tool to convert multiple EML files to PST with attachments. Single click solution to convert EMLX and EML to PST format. Software supports all mail clients created EML files.

Software Features

  • Convert EML Files to PST, PDF, MBOX, MSG, NSF, HTML File Format
  • Export Bulk EML/EMLX Files & Maintain Folder Hierarchy
  • Create UNICODE PST and Import into Outlook All Versions
  • Convert EML to PST Format with All Meta Properties Intact
  • Facility to Split Oversized Output PST File into Multiple
  • Bulk Convert EML to PST Format Without Any File Size Limitation
  • Download EML to PST Converter and Install on Windows All Versions
  • Preview EML Files in 8 Different Viw Modes & Convert into PST
  • Maintains Data Integrity and Email Header Intact Even After Conversion

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