Friday Sep 29, 2023

ESRI Shapefile Extension For BabaCAD

ESRI Shapefile Extension For BabaCAD

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What is the difference between download and install?

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ESRI Shapefile Extension For BabaCAD

Developer’s Description

ESRI shapefile editor is enabled with this professional GIS add-on for BabaCAD. Open and edit Esri shape files and attribute data. View attribute data in table view with excel-like auto filter feature. ZoomTo or highlight features based on selected attribute data in Extension Data window. Transform WGS to local coordinate system (Country that use Gauss-Kruger projection currently supported only: Balkan countries, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Finland, Argentina). Calculate sum of line or polyline features using featureslen command. Add-on toolbar automatically installed in BabaCAD after extension setup.

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