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GogTasks for Outlook 2010

GogTasks for Outlook 2010

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 GogTasks for Outlook 2010

Developer’s Description

GogTasks is a tool that synchronize Outlook tasks with Google Tasks. It may very well be the last piece of the puzzle that make your tasks available everywhere, all the time. Using Google Tasks as the center of the hub, GogTasks allows you to store your tasks “in the cloud”, while working with them through the rich user interface of Microsoft Outlook. Google Tasks is chosen as the main service for the tasks because it is available on practically every platform there is – and now also Outlook.

Since July 1st 2020 sale and development of GogTasks for Outlook has been halted. You can for the time being still use your existing installation or download the latest version here if you already have a license. Note however that GogTasks is dependent on the Google Tasks service and any future breaking technology or license changes may break GogTasks for Outlook.

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Thanks to Google Tasks, you may create and organize your tasks on almost any platform, anywhere in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection. GogTasks makes MS Outlook another supported platform. It enables you to synchronize your tasks between Outlook and Google Tasks, in one or both directions.

GogTasks works as a plug-in for MS Outlook. There are three setup files available for download, for different Outlook versions. All installation packages are small, but the setup wizard will download the necessary files from the internet, so it may take several minutes to install the plug-in. Another important aspect is the fact that GogTasks is available for various mobile devices, like the iPhone or iPad, Android or Windows phones and others.

When the installation process is complete, you will find new options on MS Outlook’s interface. One of them will bring up the plug-in’s general settings menu, while the other will synchronize your tasks right away.

The general settings menu is where you can log into your Gmail account, to authorize GogTasks. You can also select a series of navigation tabs, if you want to make additional configurations. You may decide what and where to synchronize, enable automatic synchronizations, set up filters, and more. It is also possible to set GogTasks to synchronize emails if they are flagged as tasks and to locate and erase duplicate tasks.

If you are satisfied with your configurations, you may create your tasks in Outlook or Gmail as usual. When you hit the synchronization option on Outlook’s interface, GogTasks will communicate with Gmail and it will display which tasks are going to be copied or removed and where, on a separate window. Finally, you must hit the Commit option, on the same window, and your tasks will be synchronized. As previously mentioned, you can decide to synchronize your tasks in both directions or just one, from Outlook to Gmail or vice versa.

You can synchronize your tasks between Outlook and Google Tasks, with a single click. The synchronization can be performed in one or both directions and you can make a wide range of configurations, depending on your personal needs. GogTasks works as a plug-in, which is available for various Outlook editions.

It is not possible to synchronize individual tasks.

GogTasks for Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 is a tool that allows you to synchronize Outlook tasks with Google Tasks. This will allow you to have all your tasks available wherever you are. GogTasks allows you to store tasks in the cloud while working with them through the rich user interface of Microsoft Outlook.

If you are using both Gmail and Outlook, then there is a high chance that you want to be able to access the information stored on the go. As the name implies,Ā GogTasksĀ is a tool designed to help you synchronize the tasks from Google and Outlook so that you can access either of them easier.

You can synchronize folders or categories of tasks

Since the utility is an add-on, it goes without saying that you need to have Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer. As a side note, you can access the extension from the Add-ins tab whereas using it entails hitting the Synchronize now button.

It is worth mentioning that you can specify how you prefer the synchronization to be done, as you have the option to do it Google to Outlook, Outlook to Google as well as both ways. In addition, if you prefer to sync only certain folders, then do not hesitate to check the filters and specify them in the Settings window.

Allows you to delete the synchronization history and sheets in Outlook

In the eventuality that for some reason you want to have clean sheets in Outlook, then you can achieve that quickly via the Wipe History function. While the option enables you to reset everything and start over with clean sheets, you should bear in mind that this can result in duplicate tasks next time you synchronize them.

If you want to delete all the sheets in Outlook, you can consider using the Wipe all Outlook Tasks option. Then again, do not forget to check if you have all your tasks in Google saved before you proceed. Moreover, remember that once you delete a task in Google, you are also erasing it from Outlook permanently and vice versa.

A handy tool for synchronizing Google with Outlook

All in all, GogTasks is a straightforward tool that provides you with a simple way to synchronize tasks and specific folders from Google and Outlook.

GogTasks is a tool that syncs Outlook tasks with Google Tasks. This might very well be the last piece of the puzzle that makes your tasks available everywhere, all the time. Using Google Tasks as a central hub, GogTasks allows you to store your tasks “in the cloud”, while working with them through Microsoft Outlook’s rich user interface. Google Tasks was chosen as the primary service for tasks because it is available on almost every platform there is – and now Outlook too

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