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MBOX to Outlook Transfer

MBOX to Outlook Transfer

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MBOX to Outlook Transfer

Developer’s Description

By GlexSoft
Mbox to Outlook Transfer is a tool that was specifically created for converting email files in the MBOX format (*.mbox and *.mbx files) to Microsoft Outlook. With its simple no-brainer interface and an ultra-fast data analysis and conversion engine, the program is a perfect choice for home users and professionals performing conversions on a regular basis at work. The product is a true time- and money saver in situations that require immediate action with a guaranteed result

Mbox to Outlook Transfer

Import Mbox to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 & earlier

The Mbox format is a universally supported way to exchange data between email clients. And this tool is probably the best way to convert emails from Mbox to Outlook. And here is why. First of all, Mbox to Outlook Transfer is 100% automatic. The only manual action you do is to select the desired Mbox file or files preliminarily exported from your e-mail client. And since literally dozens of email clients support Mbox, this means with this software you can migrate to Outlook from any given email tool!

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Below is a short list of the program’s features:

  • A proprietary data analysis engine capable of processing email collections of any size
  • Accurate and fast conversion of mailbox files of all known formats *.MBOX and *.MBX
  • Conversion of message encoding (Mac to PC, Linux to PC)
  • Simple interface with just a few controls for unprecedented ease of use
  • Compact installation file that takes seconds to download and requires no additional components
  • Import mbox to Outlook profile or a standalone *.PST file on the user’s hard drive
  • Convert mbox files to outlook or extract mailbox email to *.EML files
  • Full compatibility with all Windows and Outlook versions, including 64-bit versions

MBOX is the name of a whole family of formats used for storing collections of email messages with attachments. The mailbox format, in this or that form, is currently used by dozens of email exchange applications, and it is this diversity of format variants that causes problems during email migration and conversion. The Mbox format has never been standardized and its implementation has always been up to the developer of a particular application. In addition, Mbox is used by applications on both Mac and PC platforms, which adds the encoding factor to the data conversion dilemma that some users inevitably face when they realize that they need to switch to Microsoft Outlook.

Supported MBOX files of the following (but not only) email clients and applications:

Alpine, Atmail, Becky! Internet Mail, Claws Mail, Cone, Ubuntu Evolution, Gnus, KMail, Mozilla Mail, Mulberry, Mutt, Netscape Messenger, Opera Mail, Pegasus Mail, Pine, PocoMail, SeaMonkey Mail, Zimbra, Google Mail (old Google Takeout format, use Gmail Transfer for new format).

Mbox to Outlook Transfer is a powerful email conversion tool (the mbox to pst converter) compatible with all versions of the MBOX file format. Designed for people with no IT background and zero experience in data conversion, it offers end-to-end automation of the process and saves users the trouble of having to know the specifics of particular Mbox format subtypes. The software uses an intelligent proprietary engine to detect the structure of source mailbox files and the version of the Mbox format used, then extracts emails and saves them directly to Outlook or a standalone PST file in the right encoding.

The mbox to pst converter program is an absolute must-have both for one-time conversions and for regular email transfer jobs. Mbox to Outlook converter tool has the potential to save hours of time and countless dollars, let alone the massive amount of efforts that would be exerted on finding the right solution for the job.

Mbox to Outlook converter has a minimalistic and very self-explanatory interface that allows you to get from A to B in literally no time. However, if you have any questions or are not sure about a particular feature or setting, you can always refer to our User’s Manual containing a detailed description of the program’s functionality.

Mbox to Outlook Transfer Mbox to Outlook Transfer Mbox to Outlook Transfer Mbox to Outlook Transfer

Below is a short list of the mbox to outlook converter features:


  • A proprietary data analysis engine capable of processing email collections of any size
  • Accurate and fast conversion of mailbox files of all known formats (*.mbox and *.mbx) *
  • Conversion of message encoding (Mac to PC, Linux to PC)
  • Simple interface with just a few controls for unprecedented ease of use
  • Compact installation file that takes seconds to download and requires no additional components
  • Convert mbox to PST file on the user’s hard drive or Outlook profile
  • Export mbox files to outlook or extract mailbox email to EML files
  • Full compatibility with all Windows and Outlook versions, including 64-bit versions


* – All known mailbox format means standard format of MBOX specification. However there is a lot of mailbox format modifications called “changed mailbox format” or “mbox-like” format which can not be included in the same algorithm. If the tool is not supported your mailbox, please ask us and we will add the support in hours of course if that is possible.

Convert the email database from MBOX to PST format for Microsoft Outlook. Keep the exported data intact during the fast and safe conversion. Organize the resulting data files in the way convenient to you.

Main features of the MBOX to PST converter

  • Supports all types of MBOX files, all versions of Outlook starting from 2007, and all versions of Windows.
  • Retains the original folder structure.
  • Maintains data integrity:
    • Converts emails from MBOX file as original, together with images and attachments of all extensions.
    • Preserves message properties and formatting.
  • Converts MBOX files of any size.
  • Works quickly even with large MBOX files or a large number of files to be converted at once.
  • Skips MBOX files that are larger than specified size.
  • Allows you to automatically arrange resulting PSTs into folders during conversion.
  • Creates one or multiple PSTs from MBOX files.
  • Allows to automatically save each MBOX file in a separate PST.
  • Splits final PSTs by size or year.
  • Selectively exports messages from MBOX files.
  • Exports invalid messages to an indicated folder if desired.
  • Performs automatic batch conversion and runs on schedule in Professional Edition of the converter.
  • Runs from Outlook or from an standalone application.
  • Generates a report upon conversion accomplishment.

What is MBOX format

The MBOX is a common format in which many mail programs store messages. Those are, for example, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac/Apple Mail and many others. An MBOX file contains all messages of a mailbox or a separate folder. To open MBOX messages in Microsoft Outlook or Exchange Server, you must import them into Outlook or convert them to Outlook data files.

The MBOX format is also used for transferring message databases, like in Google Takeout.

What is PST format

PST is an internal Microsoft Outlook database format. It stores messages, as well as other Outlook items, together with their properties and directory structure.

Why convert MBOX to PST

There are important reasons for MBOX2PST conversion:

  • PST is an internal Outlook format. To store and open mail from a different email system in Outlook, you have to export your messages to this format.
  • MBOX stores the entire email folder in one file, presenting the contents as a chain of emails. Messages in a resulting PST will look as if you received them directly from the mail server. All HTML formatting, attachments, and headers will be saved as the original.
  • Microsoft Outlook provides wide possibilities to organize data including message databases. This MBOX2PST converter allows you to automatically arrange resulting data files in folders in many ways.
  • MBOX to PST conversion is used when migrating an old email database from another mail client to Outlook and Exchange Server mailboxes and public folders. When you convert such MBOX files, the utility recognizes email labels. For example, it can create the Gmail folder structure in a PST file and use Gmail labels to assign Outlook categories to messages.

Seamlessly migrate your messages from an MBOX client to Outlook without the fear of compromising the structure of the source files

Mbox to Outlook Transfer


Review by Alexandra Sava on February 2, 2016

Even though it enables you to lock and unlock the mailbox and append the header with the date and sender’s name and address in the files, MBOX has lost its popularity over the years to solutions that are capable of better encryption and that are more secure.

MBOX to Outlook Transfer is an intuitive application designed to help you migrate your messages from MBOX to Microsoft Outlook email client without too much hassle.

Simple and straightforward functionality

Upon launch, you are greeted by an uncluttered and intuitive interface that is also an indicative of the functionality of the program. Simply put, you can select the target folder where you store your MBOX messages, specify which files you want to transfer, access the dedicated button and the app does the rest.

You should know that the program allows you to preview the progress of the migration via a status bar. Alternatively, you can check how many files have been transferred and the amount still pending along with possible errors from the dedicated log panel located in the lower region of the interface.

Allows you to convert emails to PST

It is worth mentioning that the application enables you to transform your messages to PST, a format that comes with the advantage that you do not have to worry about the size of your mailbox. Not to mention that with PST files you stand to gain portability, security and a better chance to restore your data during disaster recovery.

While it is true that there are numerous versions of MBOX files, the truth is that none of them is actually compatible with any version of Outlook. Moreover, even if you convert them with third-party software solutions, you still cannot be sure of its compatibility with Microsoft’s email client. Needless to say that you will not encounter these kind of issues with this utility.

An excellent tool for MBOX files migration

In case you decided to switch to Outlook, but you want to make sure that you can transfer all important emails you stored with your previous MBOX client, then this might be the utility worth trying out.

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