• You probably have a bunch of papers somewhere on which you find some activities you had planned, or just text documents lying on your desktop to remind you of stuff to do. However, there’s a better way to take notes and get notified of important events, and a suitable application in this regard is NoProb To-Do List.

    One thing you need to know about the application is that it can work just fine from a USB flash drive, which means you can easily carry it around, along with the notes you create. Registries are kept intact, thus the target PC’s health status is not affected. You just need to make sure that the computer you use it on is fitted with .NET Framework.

    The main window uses most of its space as a canvas, where you get to write down the things that need to be done. However, you can also import RTF or TXT files in case they’re already in a document. This is also available for when trying to save your work, with options for the same two text file formats.

    NoProb To-Do List is based on pages, each one representing a new entry in your database of things to do. Unfortunately, you have to scroll through them, because there’s no possibility to quickly jump to a specific page, and neither a calendar for quick selection, because the application doesn’t depend on time and date.

    There is a dedicated field to write down the date, but it can’t be obtained automatically. When it comes to editing, there are several options related to the text itself, such as modifying the color with a few tones, selecting from a handful of supported fonts, making letters bold, italic, underlining them, or striking the text.

    Taking everything into consideration, we can say that NoProb To-Do List comes with good intentions, but isn’t quite what you’d expect from an application that allows you to manage upcoming events, or even simple tasks. The lack of date and time dependency is highly disappointing, while the poor set of features and difficult navigation style can make you quickly look for alternatives.