• Previously known as Open-E Data Storage Software Lite, Open-E Data Storage Software Small Office Home Office (SOHO) is a bootable OS that offers small business and individuals with a costly solution for extending storage capacity.

    Providing NAS (NFS, SMB/CIFS, FTP, AFP) and SAN (iSCSI) support, this platform is suitable for those whose storage requirements are rapidly increasing. Thanks to its scalability – oriented approach, its storage capabilities go up to 36TB, making it a viable solution for home offices and small businesses.

    The extra storage space you get with Open-E Data Storage Software SOHO can cover the need for data backup, file sharing, virtualization, system replication, and more. With an integrated installation wizard and clear options, the SOHO platform is a robust storage consolidation solution, with minimum financial costs.

    Thanks to the deployment wizard, installing and configuring the storage management system is easier. To increase productivity, the management dashboard provides quick access to all the settings and maintenance options.

    The iSCSI Target Manager can keep track of portals, CHAP users and targets, and the configuration process for NAS devices allows the manager to create storage sections with different access rights for both individuals and groups. The administrator can set user passwords and define the access rights for the entire system.

    Data backup is possible, and several external backup apps are supported, such as BrightStor, Backup Exec or Retrospect.

    Open-E Data Storage Software Small Office Home Office (SOHO) is a secure and scalable storage extension platform that can be used by home office owners and business managers alike.