• Random US City, State and Zip Generator Software, is a simple to use application that can help you generate a large number of random entries for US city names, states and zip codes. This way, whenever you need to create this kind of information you won’t have to waste time writing everything yourself.

    Random US City, State and Zip Generator Software displays a user-friendly interface which is very simple to navigate. It’s made out of a single window where you can find everything you need in order to generate the information.

    To create the names and codes, all you have to do is enter the number of entries you want and click the ‘Start Generating’ button. After that, the application does its job and displays a progress bar which gives you a certain idea of how long you have to wait until it’s done.

    Once the task is complete, all the generated names and codes are displayed in a list which you can freely browse.

    Random US City, State and Zip Generator Software allows you to enter a very large value for the number of names you want to create.

    Before you begin you can select which of the three information categories you want the application to generate. It’s possible to opt for all three or combine them two at a time and with a simple click you can then export the list in TXT or XLS format. If you would rather copy the information to Clipboard, the application offers you that possibility.

    Random US City, State and Zip Generator Software is an application which has limited uses. One would be to generate a large number of entries which you can then insert into a database to test scripts and check performance.

    So if you need a tool for that or similar situations, then this one will do just fine.