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Thesaurus Payroll Manager Bureau Edition

Thesaurus Payroll Manager Bureau Edition

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What is the difference between download and install?

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Thesaurus Payroll Manager Bureau Edition

Developer’s Description

Thesaurus Payroll Manager is designed to automate many of the processes involved in the financial administration of your company’s employees. Features include unlimited employee numbers, free telephone support, payroll stationery available, supports weekly, fortnightly, and monthly payroll, enables instant setup of employees from prior year ROS P35 or ROS P2C file, password protected, user friendly automated PRSI class selection, supports net to gross calculations, automated Benefit in Kind calculations, automated handling of disability benefit, ability to set user level passwords, includes taxable and non taxable additions, allowable and non allowable deduction headings, pensions – facilitates flat rate or percentage pension deductions including employer contributions, automatic entry of CWPS deductions, automatic adjustment of deductions for holiday weeks, payslips can be previewed on screen prior to processing and printing, payslips can be output to HTML format for ease of email, supports electronic payments, full backup and restore functions included, ROS enabled for P35,P45,P45 Part 3, & P46 submissions, calculates holiday entitlements, staff holiday or leave planner, produces coin analysis, full range of reports included, on screen help and user friendly screens eliminate the need for a manual, enables recording of monthly payments to revenue, facilitates password protected PDF payslips for automatic email, includes foreign language helpsheets, alphabetical sorting of reports, PAYE exclusion orders, optional works number, new ROS specifications, facility to import hours from a CSV file, and ability to FTP backup to remote internet location

Thesaurus Payroll Manager

Welcome to Ireland’s #1 payroll software. Thesaurus Payroll Manager is a comprehensive solution with everything you need to manage your payroll.

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You can try Payroll Manager at no cost for 60 days, after which a licence is required.

Product Information

Welcome to Ireland’s #1 payroll software. Thesaurus Payroll Manager is a comprehensive solution with everything you need to manage your payroll. You can try Payroll Manager at no cost for three weekly, one fortnightly or one monthly payroll run, after which a licence is required.

€339.00 ex Vat



  • Unlimited employee numbers
  • Free telephone support
  • Facilitates password protected PDF pay slips for automatic email
  • Automatic emailing of reports
  • Payroll stationery available
  • Supports weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll
  • Enables instant setup of employees from prior year ROS P35 or ROS P2C file or from other payroll software
  • Missed employees, usually directors, can be entered in one go at the yearend (bureau version only)
  • Password protected
  • User friendly automated PRSI class selection
  • Supports net to gross calculations
  • Automated Benefit in Kind calculations
  • Ability to set user level passwords
  • Includes taxable and non-taxable additions, allowable and non-allowable deduction headings
  • Pensions – Facilitates flat rate or percentage pension deductions including employer contributions
  • Automatic entry of CWPS deductions
  • Automatic adjustment of deductions for holiday weeks
  • Pay slips can be previewed on screen prior to processing and printing
  • Supports electronic payments with full SEPA compatibility
  • Full backup and restore functions included
  • ROS enabled for P35, P30, P45, P45 Part 3 & P46 submissions – Click here for information on becoming a ROS customer
  • Calculates holiday entitlements
  • Staff holiday/leave planner
  • Produces coin analysis
  • Full range of reports included
  • On screen help and user-friendly screens eliminate the need for a manual
  • Enables recording of monthly payments to Revenue
  • Recording of HR information
  • Includes foreign language help sheets
  • Full integration with our accounts package – Thesaurus Accounts
  • Irish language pay slip and P60
  • PAYE exclusion orders
  • Optional Works number
  • Central Statistics Office EHECS & NES returns can be prepared and submitted online
  • Facility to import hours from a CSV file
  • Gift card integration
  • Exports payroll data to Sage Line 50, QuickBooks and Xero
  • Xero API integration

Thesaurus Payroll Manager is an on-premise payroll solution suitable for small to midsize payroll bureaus in the Ireland and the UK. The software enables accountants and bookkeepers to process payroll for their clients. Users can send payslips via email using password-protected PDFs. Weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll schedules are supported. Users can perform net-to-gross calculations, automate benefit-in-kind calculations, illness benefits, and flat rate or percentage based pension deductions, including employer contributions. Thesaurus Payroll Manager will automatically adjust deductions for holiday weeks, and users can include taxable and non-taxable additions, allowable and non-allowable deduction headings and electronic payments with SEPA compatibility. A staff leave planner is also included. Users can run various reports, and help sheets in multiple languages are available. Payroll data can be exported to Sage Line 50, Quickbooks and Xero. Thesaurus Payroll Manager includes phone and email support. Pricing is per tax year, per licence.

Businesses benefit greatly from specialized software to manage their employees. Thesaurus Payroll Manager is a software product that is designed to help users keep track of their workers and payments. It offers various tools and features that are compliant with specific regulations.

A simple interface with multiple payment options

The application is quick to install and requires minimal system resources to run. The interface is not attractive in any way, but the features are neatly organized into various menus. After opening the core application, users are prompted to create a new company or import files from older versions.

There are multiple payment options: weekly, fortnightly and monthly. Users can change this setting at any time, allowing quick reorganization of their payroll system. Payroll Manager supports an unlimited number of employees and separates them into departments, meaning this software can handle all the workers from an entire company.

Keep track of all financial details within your company

Thesaurus Payroll Manager can organize all the types of information that are legally binding. The application supports tax calculation, payslips management, pension funds and holidays / sick leaves. Moreover, all paper forms can be drafted and printed with this software, making it a complete tool for businesses.

Unfortunately, there are a few setbacks. The application does not support multiple users, meaning the software can be installed on one computer and its features accessed from there. This drawback is limiting since bigger firms might require multiple workers to handle the finances. Furthermore, the security aspect seems too minimalistic. Users can secure the application’s contents with a PIN-like password, which might not fare well against attacks.

A sophisticated tool with benefits and setbacks

In conclusion, Thesaurus Payroll Manager is a powerful piece software that delivers significant functionality and features. Users are provided with a complete set of tools that allows them to manage their businesses. Some issues prevent this program from being top-notch, but during testing, it has not crashed or displayed any errors. All in all, this application is worth a shot.

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