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TMS IntraWeb Planner(Delphi 2010 and C++Builder 2010)

TMS IntraWeb Planner(Delphi 2010 and C++Builder 2010)

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TMS IntraWeb Planner(Delphi 2010 and C++Builder 2010)

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Developer’s Description

By TMSSoftware
TMS TTIWWebPlanner components are designed to be used in the broad types of planning and scheduling type of applications. This can range from the typical single person PIM application to schedulers of activities for a group of persons, time planning for resources such as hotel rooms, car rental, university courses and so much more. As such, the TTIWWebPlanner and TTIWDBWebPlanner are configurable components to suite all these various types of applications. The underlying framework of TTIWWebPlanner therefore has an open interface towards the coupling to time or resources. Standard modes include day time view, week view, month view, day period view, half-day period view, multi-month view while at the same time custom modes allow to view any type of timescale. Multi day and multi resource views can be combined as well.

Component for interactive scheduling web applications.

  • Horizontal & vertical oriented views
  • Items that can be resized / repositioned / moved by mouse dragging
  • Inplace multiline editable items
  • Items with caption time, text or no caption
  • Sidebar can be left, right, left & right or on top of Planner with indication of occupied time slots
  • Read-only items
  • Various display modes : day (5,6,10,15,30,60 min), week, month, day period, half day period, timeline, active days, disjunct days
  • Controllable active day start, active day end, day start, day end
  • Events for insert, delete, edit, size, move items
  • Overlapped / non overlapped items
  • 12/24 hrs display
  • Internationalization capabilities
  • Layer support
  • Header with alignment, images, events
  • DB-aware and non DB-aware version
  • Extensive control of planner appearance
  • Popup editing

TMS Intraweb Component Pack for D2009-XE10.4

30 Nov 2020

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TMS Intraweb Component Pack As its name implies, a set of components for Delphi-based Intraweb projects, Intraweb is a graphical framework for developing Delphi-based web applications. Using the capabilities of this library, Delphi programmers can design websites and especially web applications less graphically and with less coding. The TMS Intraweb Component Pack provides an additional set of controls and components for this framework that can be used for a variety of applications to simplify the design process. It has over 100 components including Grades, Menus, Query Builder, Charts and more that will cover almost all your needs. The components in this set are divided into 9 groups, which we will summarize here:

  1. The TMS Intraweb Component Pack pro Script Edition contains over 70 different controls
  2. TMS IntraWeb Planner Components for working with data and calendar applications
  3. TMS Intraweb HTML5 Controls Pack to work with HTML5 in your applications
  4. TMS IntraWeb Query Builder Provide ad-hoc queries without coding
  5. TMS IntraWeb Security System for managing users and their permissions on intra-web applications
  6. TMS IntraWeb iPhone Controls Pack Create Web Applications for Mobile Devices Similar to iPhone, iPad, Android
  7. TMS IntraWeb Cloud Pack Access to cloud services from within the Interobay applications
  8. TMS IntraWeb WebGMaps for working with maps and Google Maps in apps
  9. TMS IntraWeb WebOSMaps to work with OpenStreetMaps in applications

required system

TMS IntraWeb Components Compatibility:

for Delphi 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8, 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, C ++ Builder 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8, 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin (Prof / Enterprise / Architect)

TTIWWebPlanner TMS components are designed to be used in a wide variety of scheduling and scheduling types of applications. It can range from the usual individual PIM schedule to activity schedulers for a group of people in the area, scheduling time for resources such as hotel rooms, car rentals, college courses and much more. As such, TTIWWebPlanner and TTIWDBWebPlanner are tuning components to set all of these different types of applications. So the basic framework of TTIWWebPlanner has an open user interface relative to time or resources. Standard mode includes day view time, week view, month, day view duration, half day view period, multi month view while at the same time custom mode allows to view any kind of schedule. Several days and multiple source views can be combined as well

What is new in this release.

Version 2.8 supports RAD Studio XE3




We're pleased to inform a significant update for the TMS Component Pack is 
available now.

Create modern-looking & feature-rich Windows applications faster with over 
360 components in one money and time saving bundle for Delphi 
7,2006,2007,2009,2010,XE,XE2,XE3,XE4,XE5 & C++Builder 

In this update v7.3.0.0, several new components are added, several new 
features are added as well as latest improvements and fixes to existing 

What's new & improved in version
- New: TAdvIPEdit: IP address editor for IPv4 and IPv6 types
- New: TPlannerRangeSelector: input control to select a range of dates
- New: TAdvSignatureCapture: component to capture signatures on touch or pen 
- New: TAdvGraphicCheckLabel / TDBAdvGraphicCheckLabel: checkbox with 
customizable check glyph and many built-in presets for follow, favorite, 
like, available, ...
- New: TWebPictureContainer: PictureContainer component with picture items 
with URL property that performs threaded background download of pictures
- New: HoverButtons capability in TAdvStringGrid
- New: Excel cell value formatting capability in TAdvStringGrid
- New: OnClipboardCutDone, OnClipboardCopyDone event added in TAdvStringGrid
- New: Method NextVisitableCell added in TAdvStringGrid
- New: Property grid.Navigation.ClipboardCutAction added in TAdvStringGrid
- New: APPDATA prefix support added for installing files in the common data 
folder in TWebUpdate
- New: Public property HideURLInLogFile added in TWebUpdate
- New: Support for Russian language in TWebUpdate wizard
- New: PlannerItem.CaptionDivider: boolean property added in T(DB)Planner
- New: SideBar.TimeIndicatorType itFullLine added in T(DB)Planner
- New: OnInsertItem event added in TAdvListBox
- New: Position,TextHint added in SearchOptions, InsertOptions in 
- New: GetItemAtXY() added in TAdvListBox
- New: OnAfterBlockDelete,OnBeforeBlockInsertFromClipboard events added in 
- New: ItemStyle property added in TAdvCodeList
- New: SetItemSize method added in TAdvCodeList
- New: CodeBlockCaptionSelectColor/CodeBlockCaptionSelectTextColor added in 
- New: Mouse-only dragging added in TAdvSmoothListBox
- New: Clickable sections added in TAdvSmoothListBox
- New: Section height customization and custom section drawing added in 
- New: TextHint property for filter edit and anchor hints added in 
- New: Default MessageDlg Icon support in TAdvSmoothMessageDlg
- New: AllowAllUp added in TAdvSmoothToggleButton
- New: Runtime resizing functionality in TAdvSmoothPanel
- New: Anchor hints in TAdvSmoothPanel
- New: 8 new demos added
- Various smaller improvements & fixes

The details of all improvements and new capabilities are described in the 
release notes:

Users with an active registration can as always obtain this free update now 
after login on our website with your registration email & code.

Kind regards,
Nancy Lescouhier
TMS software team

Abstract: This article lists tools & components provided by Embarcadero Technology Partners compatible with Delphi 2010.

One of the most frequently asked questions during the migration to a new product version is regarding third party component compatibility. Please find below a list of the Embarcadero Technology Partner tools & components compatible with Delphi 2010.


Publisher Description


The TMS IntraWeb Component Studio contains the 9 TMS IntraWeb sets listed here.
-TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro Script Edition:
Internet application development with IntraWeb made easier with over 70 controls ranging from advanced edits, calendars, grids, menus and much more …
-TMS IntraWeb Planner:
Data-aware and non-data aware scheduling components for Intraweb applications.
-TMS IntraWeb HTML5 Controls Pack
Unleash the power of HTML5 in your IntraWeb web applications.
-TMS IntraWeb Query Builder:
Provide codeless powerful ad-hoc query capabilities in IntraWeb web applications.
-TMS IntraWeb Security System:
User-rights management system for your IntraWeb applications.
-TMS IntraWeb iPhone Controls Pack:
Create web applications for mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android that offer a look & feel very close to native applications.
– TMS IntraWeb Cloud Pack
Set of IntraWeb components for easy integration of authentication via services (OAuth) of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live and Paypal based payments services in IntraWeb web applications.
– TMS IntraWeb WebGMaps
IntraWeb component with extensive configurability for integrating Google Maps in IntraWeb web applications.
– TMS IntraWeb WebOSMaps
Mapping component to integrate, display & control OpenStreetMaps in IntraWeb web applications.
Available for Delphi 2009,2010,XE,XE2,XE3,XE4,XE5,XE6,XE7 & C++Builder 2009,2010,XE,XE2,XE3,XE4,XE5,XE6,XE7.

About TMS IntraWeb Component Studio

TMS IntraWeb Component Studio is a free trial software published in the Delphi list of programs, part of Development.

This Delphi program is available in English. It was last updated on 2018-03-27. TMS IntraWeb Component Studio is compatible with the following operating systems: Android, Other, Windows.

The company that develops TMS IntraWeb Component Studio is The latest version released by its developer is 1.0. This version was rated by 3 users of our site and has an average rating of 3.7.

The download we have available for TMS IntraWeb Component Studio has a file size of 1.16 MB. Just click the green Download button above to start the downloading process. The program is listed on our website since 2015-01-28 and was downloaded 381 times. We have already checked if the download link is safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded software with your antivirus. If your antivirus detects the TMS IntraWeb Component Studio as malware or if the download link is broken, use the contact page to email us.

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