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TrustPort Tools

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What are the 3 types of software?

--Computers are managed by software. Software may be divided into three categories: system, utility, and application.

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--The act of "downloading" a file is distinct from "installing" it. Instructions to utilize the downloaded data to modify your computer are "installing" the file. The file does not alter or be updated if installation is not performed.

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TrustPort Tools

TrustPort Tools is a standalone solution for the protection of sensitive documents. It consists of modules for both offline and online data encryption. It also enables effective data shredding.

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Many businesses and institutions work with a lot of confidential documents that need to be stored in a secure location, after they are processed. If it is unlikely that these documents will be reviewed more than once or twice in the future, archive encryption is an ideal option. Using an archive manager, it is easy to create new archives, to add or extract files, to delete files from archives. Encryption algorithms used by the program provide a superior level of data security.

Whenever there are confidential data, processed on a daily basis, drive encryption comes into play. It ensures an automated encryption of documents when being saved, copied or moved onto a virtual drive. Each time the user starts the computer, the program will ask him to enter his drive access credentials, which is the only thing he needs to remember. The user works with the virtual drive the same way he is used to work with any other drive. The operation is easy and convenient

Encrypt sensitive data, clean temporary files, permanently delete activity traces, and create secure archives of your documents with this software suite

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Review by Mircea Dragomir on May 22, 2014

Working with important document or files requires you to take some security measures. This can be done in several ways with the help of computer applications. One of them is TrustPort Tools and promises to deliver a handful of features with which to secure drives, files and even safely remove documents.

Create and mount encrypted virtual drives

One of the most important features that the application puts at your disposal is the possibility to create encrypted virtual drives in which files can be safely stored.

Unlike most conventional encryption key generating processes, you are required to move your mouse or press buttons on your keyboard for random data to be collected. Additionally, for enhanced security, a password must be set which you are asked to input each time the image is mounted.

Permanently remove files and manage archives

Another useful integrated tools is a data shredder. It can be set to use one of the provided algorithms that are available in the options menu. For quick access, it is found in the context menu so you can use it simply by right clicking the desired items and choosing the data shredder.

Moreover, a “CAR Manager” gives you the possibility to store files in an alternative archive other that the most commonly used compression tools. Again, a password is required to maximize protection, as well as several encryption methods.

Keep your records safe

Besides the features mentioned above that are strictly related to files, the application also lets you store valuable info such as bank account, contacts, car information and several more. Last but not least, the “Skytale” option converts any text you provide in the given field into a series of characters to have it secured. The reverse process is done in the same window with, of course, the help of a password.

To end with

All in all, TrustPort Tools is a trustworthy partner equipped with more than enough features to maximize file protection. Every step of the way you are prompted by password requirement fields so that no area is left vulnerable. Add an intuitive design and you have yourself a neat security application.

A comprehensive and lightweight antivirus program

TrustPort Total Protection is a security suite that combines multiple different methods of protection for your Windows PC.

Most internet users nowadays know how important it is to to have multiple levels of protection against malware and viruses. A simple antivirus program just isn’t enough.

TrustPort Total Protection is a security suite that includes antivirus protection, a firewall, parental controls, encryption tools and a secure file destroyer. It is compact and can be installed on a flash drive, which means you can take its protection virtually anywhere.

TrustPort Total Protection paneled interface is simple and contains a summary of all of its modules. This will tell you things like whether or not it’s enabled, how many files it’s analyzed, for example. Every function on TrustPort Total Protection can be set to your preferences, although some of these functions don’t offer very advanced options.

You can also create two different types of encrypted drives with TrustPort Total Protection. In addition, TrustPort Total Protection has its own encrypted file manager and secure a cleaner, which destroys the files to make them unrecoverable.

The only real downsides is the installer is a pretty large file, scans can take a long time depending on how large your drive is and some functions don’t offer many customization options.For someone looking for a generally simple and lightweight security suite, TrustPort Total Protection offers a good array of protection offers for your PC.


  • Includes antivirus, firewall and parent controls

  • Creates safer and cleaner encrypted drives

  • Email protection


  • Scans take a long time

  • Installer is anything but lightweight

  • Basic with very few advanced options

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