The XCS eiConsole is a graphical configuration tool to enable the creation, deployment, management, and maintenance of interfaces for operation on the XCS eiPlatform.-With the XCS eiConsole you can: Integrate any system with any other system in a tenth of the time; Implement support for XML standards effortlessly; Double the return on your IT investments. The XCS eiConsole offers a better, faster, less expensive, and more intuitive approach that makes managing dozens or even hundreds of interfaces an order of magnitude easier. The XCS eiConsole delivers exceptional value to business and technical professionals alike. The “power user” can use the point, click, drag, and drop visual interface to quickly build and deploy interfaces without requiring expertise in Java, XML, XSLT, or other enabling technologies. At the same time, technology experts will want to use the XCS eiConsole because it is a much faster way to create end-to-end interfaces without requiring tedious hand coding.