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Yello for Spain –

Yello for Spain –

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Yello for Spain -

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Developer’s Description

By TeamOne Studio

Yello for Spain – will extract leads from Spain yellow pages and provide you with spreadsheet file so the leads can be easily organized and arranged in the most productive style matching your requirements.

It extract business information (when available) from such as business name, business address, locality, province, postal code, phone, fax, mobile, e-mail, business general information, directory link URL, official website URL, latitude, longitude, categories, payment, services, languages, rating, and reviews. It also extract emails contact from business website, support custom proxy and proxy rotation list and multiple extraction entries by internal Web browser search or by external keywords list file. Allow to auto resume from last extraction milestone due to unexpected interruption such as power failure, internet connection loss, and pc shutdown. No data will be lost and no need to restart the extraction from the beginning

Yello for Spain –

Get all business listings, with emails!!!

Yello for Spain –, the best Spain yellow pages scraper, is available in two product editions:

  • Yello for Spain – Basic Edition
  • Yello for Spain – Professional Edition
Other main features includes:

  • Extract additional contact information from business website (e.g. emails, phone, mobile, fax, facebook) when available.
  • Check out if business website is mobile friendly and mobile web link will be provided.
  • Simple group extraction entries supported by plain keywords text file
  • Extract number of reviews and ratings for reputation management
  • * When the license expired, the software will revert back to trial mode. We do not provide auto-billing payment process after license expiration.

Yello for Spain – will extract leads from yellow pages Spain and provide you with sheet file so that the leads can be easily organized and arranged in the most productive style that meets your requirements.
extract business information (when available) such as company name, business address, town, province, postal code, telephone, fax, mobile, email, general business information, URL link directory, official site URL web, latitude, longitude, categories, payments, services, languages, rating and reviews. Also extract contact emails from business website, support custom proxy and proxy list rotation, and extract multiple entries by internal web browser search or by external keyword list file. Allow auto-resume of last checkout milestone due to unexpected interruption like power failure, internet connection loss, and PC shutdown. No data will be lost and there is no need to restart the extraction from the beginning.

What’s new in this version:.

Version excerpt link for Facebook business, and excerpt review and rating for reputation management

Requirements :

.NET Framework 2.0 SP2, and .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 for Windows 8


Export function disabled

25 Jan 15 in Business & Office Software, Marketing Tools

As you know yellow pages are list of telephone directory of businesses. Basically it is a paper based directory. By the help of yellow pages you can get details of companies, shops, services in a given area. Now yellow pages also started to be used to notify online directory of the businesses.
If you want to know some information from yellow pages directory then it could be easily done by the help of Yellow Leads Extractor, a powerful Yellow Pages Scraper for USA, Canada, French, German, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, click here for the full list.
Now Y-Leads Extractor supports also Yelp, and it is one of the best YELP DATA SCRAPER on the market

Basically it is a tool that searches popular yellow pages directories and provides you all information such as businesses name, address, phone numbers as well as emails. Download now the free trial version:



Yellow Leads Extractor allows user to make 100% customizable searches in a browser. When you have this program then you no need to do lots work to get information from the yellow pages. You only need to enter category and location. After entering these information when you will click on the get data option after that all information will be extracted.
You can save the extracted information in CSV format or in your Microsoft Excel. Therefore, just use this reliable tool and get all information which you want from a yellow pages.
In addition to the yellow pages directory, the program allows you to capture company data from around the world thanks to YELP and Infobel directories


Extract business contact information from the Paginas Amarillas website and manage multiple results with this efficient application

Yello for Spain Professional Edition


Review by Andrei Verdeanu on August 10, 2016

Those who are running their own businesses might, at some point, need to collect information about other companies from the Paginas Amarillas website. Of course, this can be done manually, but sooner or later, users will resort to alternative methods. Fortunately, there are software solutions that offer such capabilities, and one of them is Yello for Spain Professional Edition. It will allow people to extract company contact information from the Spanish Yellow Pages website with ease.

Basic interface that offers users a good overview of the extracted contact information, but cannot be adjusted

Yello for Spain Professional Edition comes packed with a plain interface that will not impress through its looks. It will offer a classic layout that will list all the available search results, but which, unfortunately, cannot be resized to allow better viewing of all the details.

Two main buttons offer people options for adding specific keywords and initiating a new search respectively. One will be able to provide a text file that contains all the preferred keywords and when performing new searches, the utility pops-up a browser interface where the Paginas Amarillas website is displayed.

Grab the required business contact information from the Spanish Yellow Pages website with this small app

Once the preferred search criteria have been defined, the application allows one to enhance the search process even more through several useful features. For instance, people will be able to pause the extraction process when required or remove duplicate entries.

Exporting capabilities are provided, and users will be able to save the results of their searches in either XLSX or CSV file formats. Additionally, to increase efficiency even more, the utility can notify users with email messages when the extraction process is completed.

Quick solution for obtaining the required business contact information from the Paginas Amarillas website

For those who need a fast and efficient way of extracting business contact information from the Spanish Yellow Pages website, this utility could be a wise choice. It will provide them with the means to define their own search criteria, load text files with keywords, remove duplicates in the results and export the search data to XLSX or CSV file formats

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