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ZOOK Lotus Notes to Zimbra Converter

ZOOK Lotus Notes to Zimbra Converter

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ZOOK Lotus Notes to Zimbra Converter

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Developer’s Description

Lotus Notes to Zimbra converter easily import Lotus Notes database to Zimbra instantly. It is a useful solution to export NSF to TGZ mailboxes with their entire database items like email messages, contacts, calendar entries, attachments, meetings, appointments and much more. The tool easily preserves the email formatting, html formatting, and data integrity even after the migration from Lotus Notes to Zimbra. The tool is designed in such a way that it supports all the latest and earlier versions of Lotus Notes email client. So, that users can easily convert NSF files into TGZ format generated by any version of Lotus Notes. Users need to launch the NSF to Zimbra converter on any versions of Windows operating system and convert NSF into TGZ format in few seconds. NSF to TGZ converter easily maintains the same folder structure by maintaining the same layout of folders and subfolders in original formatting. The utility can provide a batch export feature to users which enable users to perform the Lotus Notes to Zimbra migration. The tool has the capability to extract the separate folder for calendar entries of Lotus Notes and save them in standard ICS file format. NSF to Zimbra converter is designed by using the multiple advance algorithms for users to migrate NSF to TGZ emails without losing any data. Any novice user can easily manage the application which consists of simple interface and perform the conversion process. It also offers user to save his resultant TGZ file at user defined file location in the system. After the migration process, users can import TGZ files into Zimbra desktop client to access their data from NSF emails to Zimbra.

What is ZOOK Lotus Notes to Zimbra Converter?

Download Lotus Notes to Zimbra Converter to convert NSF to TGZ format for Zimbra mailboxes. It can easily import NSF to Zimbra along with their data items. The tool can easily perform the migration from Lotus Notes to Zimbra TGZ format without any alteration of data. It is the most trusted tool for users to batch export NSF to TGZ format in a single process by preserving the data integrity and entire email formatting. NSF to TGZ Converter makes all the conversion task simpler for novice users to extract NSF database to Zimbra mailboxes. In order to perform the Lotus Notes to Zimbra migration, users need to select the NSF file or NSF folder as per their requirement. By choosing “Select File” option, users are capable to convert one by one NSF file to TGZ file. On the other hand, by choosing “Select Folder” option, users can bulk export Lotus Notes NSF to TGZ format at once. It also ensures user to save NSF as TGZ format by preserving the same folder layout structure. All the emails and other data items saved in Lotus Notes will remain same in TGZ format too without any altering of data. Moreover, the NSF to TGZ Converter is also offers to extract a separate folder in ICS format along with the complete data items. It enables user to transform NSF to TGZ format by converting NSF file of any version of IBM Lotus Notes. It supports IBM Lotus Notes 9.0.1, 9.0, 8.5, 8.0.2, 7.0, 6.5, 6.0, etc. After the complete migration of NSF to TGZ format, users are capable to import NSF to Zimbra mailboxes without any trouble. The free demo of the tool is also available for users to convert NSF to TGZ format which offers to export 25 items only.

How to Migrate Lotus Notes to Zimbra in an Efficient Way?

How to migrate Lotus Notes to Zimbra? It is a most common query asked by the users who wants to export from Lotus Notes to Zimbra mailbox. In this article, you will get solution to convert NSF to Zimbra TGZ format by using ZOOK Lotus Notes to Zimbra Converter. It allows you to import NSF to Zimbra without any extra efforts.

ZOOK NSF to TGZ Converter 3.0

Screenshots of ZOOK NSF to TGZ Converter

ZOOK NSF to TGZ Converter Publisher’s Description

ZOOK Lotus Notes to Zimbra Converter is the most amazing solution to convert NSF to TGZ format in an easy way. It is a quick and simple solution to import NSF to Zimbra mailboxes along with their entire NSF database. It is the most trustworthy solution for non-technical users to perform the migration from Lotus Notes to Zimbra. The tool can also offer to batch export NSF to TGZ format at once in less efforts and time. The important factor about the utility is its graphical user interface which is quite simple to handle. It has self-explanatory interface which allows any non-technical as well as experts to perform the conversion of Lotus Notes to Zimbra in few moments. Moreover, the tool has multiple adorable features which makes it unique from others. The entire data will remain in its original formatting even after the conversion process in the same folders and subfolders. It can also extract a new folder for calendar entries in its standard ICS format and other data folders to convert NSF to Zimbra TGZ format. The tool can easily export multiple NSF to TGZ file by retaining the original folder hierarchy. The utility is also fully compatible to all the latest editions of IBM Lotus Notes and Zimbra email clients. It supports Lotus Notes 9.0 and all below version and can be smoothly worked on any version of Windows operating system. Overall, it is the safe and the most reliable solution for novice users to perform Lotus Notes to Zimbra migration.

Are you looking for a solution to export Lotus Notes data to Zimbra? Then here is your solution which resolves all your queries related to Lotus Notes to Zimbra conversion. The query is being solved in just couple of seconds.

Top Reasons to Migrate Lotus Notes to Zimbra

Undoubtedly, IBM Notes is the most convenient solution for business users to manage their mailbox data. Apart from the highly proficient services of IBM Lotus Notes there are numerous of reasons which forces user to convert Lotus Notes NSF to Zimbra mailbox. Some of the most common reasons are described here: –

  • High Cost of Application is one of the main reason behind Lotus Notes to Zimbra Migration. So it is out of reach for normal users to afford the high cost email application to manage their mailbox data. Whereas, Zimbra is available as a free desktop email client.
  • IBM Notes requires technical literacy to operate and manage IBM Notes email client. It is not suitable for normal users to access and handle the mailbox data without any training. So, most of the users switch from Lotus Notes to Zimbra.
  • In the case of any failure in IBM Lotus Notes, the maintenance cost is so high which cannot be afford by small organisations or home users. It is a hectic job to resolve this issue due to which lots of users migrate from Lotus Notes to Zimbra email client.
  • IBM Notes is well-known for its security to keep all the business data in a secure manner. On the other hand, Zimbra Mailbox is free email application but yet it is not so behind in security from Lotus Notes.

Try One-to-One Solution – Lotus Notes to Zimbra Converter

If you are also experiencing the same problem in converting NSF to Zimbra, then you need to use the reliable and efficient tool Lotus Notes to Zimbra converter. It is a one-to-one solution which safely exports NSF to Zimbra TGZ format along with entire data items saved in NSF file. The tool has so much easy interface which can be handled by anyone and does not required any technical knowledge. Moreover, the tool has various advance functionalities which enables user to perform safe and secure NSF to TGZ conversion. Overall, it is a trustworthy solution for users to import NSF to Zimbra.

Key Features of NSF to Zimbra Converter

  • Easily convert entire Lotus Notes data to TGZ format for Zimbra.
  • Allows to convert Lotus Notes NSF to Zimbra in bulk without losing any data.
  • Ensures user about the email formatting and the RTF structure of NSF emails.
  • All NSF emails will keep saved in same folders and subfolders.
  • Export Lotus Notes data to Zimbra TGZ without IBM Notes.
  • Fully supportable to NSF files of all the versions of IBM Notes.
  • User-friendly interface of the utility is the one of the main feature of tool.

Final Words

In any case, if you have NSF file and wants to migrate Lotus Notes to Zimbra, then there is no manual procedure exists for users. In order to convert NSF to Zimbra, users need to choose trustworthy tool NSF to Zimbra Converter. With the help of this tool, users can easily export entire Lotus Notes data to Zimbra TGZ format in an efficient way.

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